I cut some branches of forsythia to bring into the house. It has delighted me with it’s freshness, yellowness and brightness as it blooms on my kitchen table.   I thought I’d do a ‘study’ of the flower and try out a few camera techniques as I go.  See what you think.


Industrial – monochrome

Two industrial photos today – both made more dramatic in monochrome.

The unpainted, and rusting, truck appeared abandoned and imprisoned behind the industrial fence.

The piping, stacked high in an industrial yard, looks more like the insides of a hive and plays tricks with the eyes.

B is for Blue

Blue is a very spring colour, particularly appealing after the grey of the winter.  The spring blue skies are so vivid and welcoming and it is the perfect backdrop to the new spring growth found in trees and bushes.  Flowers, too, are dazzling to the eye.  However, not many flowers offer a pure blue colour but I found one – the iris.  Enjoy my adventure into the blue!


Looking closer at… mosses

Sometimes it pays to look closer.  On my walk yesterday, there was a definite change in the colours of the vegetation around me – primarily lead by the mosses.  So I took a closer look.  The red hew on the granite rocks was warming but looking closer the moss was in ‘flower’.  The green fresh moss was not made up of one type of moss but two!!!  Get down on your hands and knees next time.  Nature is amazing.

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Bokeh – the effect of blurring in a photograph.  I’ve used it twice here.  Snowdrops and Aliums.

Hidden and often forgotten beauty can be found in the upturned head of a snowdrop.

Forgotten beauty copyrighted

Droplets look more like mercury than water.

Bokeh shoots copyrighted


Monochrome Clouds

We get many different cloud formations over the mountains of British Columbia.  I tried taking photos of them today in monochrome which changes the perspective.  It’s good to look at familiar things in a different way.

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